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Security Control System

Silgate follows Industry practice for the Protection and security of client information at our contact Center.

The  facility  is  well  protected  by  round-the-clock  Security guard,  Closed circuit surveillance cameras, Swipe card based Access Control system to the various section of  the  facility,  well-defined  fire  exits  and  advanced  fire-protection  systems. Our Infrastructure  has  fire  safety  equipment  like  smoke  detectors,  fire  alarms,  fire extinguishers and trained fire fighting team.

Data Centre Security

Access to the Data Center is restricted to authorized personnel only, with security guards posted at every entrance around the clock. Even


employees with access cards do not receive clearance to areas outside their workstations unless authorized by a Certified Information Security Professional.

  Agent Desktop PC are secured with disabled floppy drives and restricted user logins to Domain server. User Rights are limited to the CTI applications.
  Watchguard Firewall is used to have tunnel with the Client site for secure access on MD5/3DES authentication.
  Client reports are sent from unified Email Account after filteration of DNC records and antivirus scan.
  Production floor deployed with Inhouse Productivity tool for online monitoring of  telemarketing  sales  and  credit check  process, ensuring the site functioning completely paperless.