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Contact Center

ASPECT Software™ formerly Concerto Software (merger of Davox Corporation and CELLIT technology) is a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solution. Concerto enables us to effectively manage CSR interactions with customers via voice, fax, email and the Web - therefore improving communications, reducing operating costs and delivering superior service.

Touchstar's Predictive Dialing System provides increased agent productivity while assisting TCPA and Do-not call registry, easiest to use along with robust inbound ACD features.

Silgate is a fully Voice enabled blended call center, capable of providing Outbound & Inbound services over the Phone, Email, Text messaging and Fax through a private leased circuit on fiber optics between the U.S. and India. Intelligent CIM software from Concerto software Inc. & Touchstar's Power Dialing provides altogether a Unified solution for all types of interactions.


  Voice Call Blending on Aspect's Ensemble Pro, Contact Pro and Touch star..
  Seamless Predictive Dialing.
  Recording, Call logging, Remote Monitoring and Silent call monitoring.
  Whisper coaching where trainer can monitor and coach a CSR on an active session with the customer. During this session the customer gets prompt response from the CSR but he cannot listen to consultation given by the  trainer.
  Intelligent Recording, to find the right conversations and deliver them to the people who need to hear them. Also captures all the agent conversations and provides them to key people with the recordings they need to improve contact centre outcomes.
  Supervisor control on single screen using Aspect's Director & Touch star Supervisor.