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Mains Power

While the global call center industry grows and the reliance of an organization on its outsourced contact center deepens, the need for disaster recovery capacity emerges.

  One 60 KVA online UPS from Powerware, Finland for all desktops and servers.
  Provision of 90 KVA FG Wilson DG set.
  Principal Ring Power is from Tata Power, local power company.

The UPS area is the power source of the Contact Center and has two power feeds of 75kvA from separate sources into the building. UPS, in combination with our battery and diesel generators, mitigates the potential of any interruption in business. These back-up systems are also the critical support to our Disaster Recovery Systems.

UPS, online and available, runs concurrent with the commercial power feed. Silgate's contact Center have multiple, redundant power feeds from the local commercial power provider(s) coming into the facility. Multiple sets of batteries are also maintained to provide additional back-up. Diesel Generator automatically cycle on if a power interruption is encountered. The generators can support the building power load indefinitely with refueling.