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Core Deployment

Technology deployed Includes

  220 seats on Ensemble Pro Dialer, 96 seats on Concerto Dialer  and 48 seats on Touchstar Dialer.
  Meridian 61C and Tadiran's Coral II switch with capacity of 400 terminals..
  Starbase 2000 Plantronics Phones with Binaural noise cancellation headsets.
  Nortel Passport 7480 at ATL and ALCATEL 7270 MSC at NY on the WAN Link..
  Restorable IPLC link 2Mbps for New York and ATLANTA.
  Intelligent Database for unified knowledge management.
  Redundancy on LAN for data and voice.
  Compaq,  IBM 345 Servers and SUN Servers.
  EMC Storage with Tandberg's Autoloader and Veritas Backup Solution.