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While the global call center industry grows and the reliance of an organization on its outsourced contact center deepens, the need for disaster recovery capacity emerges.

Level 1

  RAID-5 controller with 5 Hard Disk & hot plug-n-play disk on Database sever
  RAID-1 on all other servers
  Structured cabling for LAN is 2:1 for each station
  Spare HDD for all critical servers in case of failure


    24x7 support on last mile local loop on fiber from Tata Power Broadband service provider.
  24x7 support on IPLC from VSNL & MCI

We maintain a policy of structured disaster backup, from basic power and utilities to server and desktops redundancy. All data backups are done using DAT drives. Backup media is stored in fireproof lockers offsite. The telecom equipment, IPLC, Servers and Desktops also have built in redundancies.