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Advanced Technology


Software Technology:

Microsoft Technologies - Silgate provides higher-end design, development and business integration solutions based on the .NET platform. Silgate Microsoft .NET team develops and delivers comprehensive solutions utilizing the full range of .NET functionality.

Sun Technologies - Silgate ensures the highest level of application quality and shortened development cycles by employing best-in-class J2EE application framework in development work as per the project requirements.

Open Source Technologies - Silgate is unique in employing open source technologies like LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) for enterprise wide solutions, IT outsourcing and consulting services to source, manage and deliver IT projects effectively and efficiently.

Contact Center Technology:

Core Technology supports

  Inbound / Outbound Voice Solution
  Disaster Recovery plans.
  Service uptime of 99.98%
  Power backup with 99.9999% uptime.

We have deployed state of the art voice and web support equipment that integrates with our client systems to provide a seamless, reliable, scalable and secure solution. High-speed, Private leased optical fiber circuits from WorldCom service providers for voice and Internet access have been set up to ensure connectivity at all times. We utilize TCP/IP protocols over a fully switched Ethernet network (using CAT5e cabling) built on distributed architecture with Firebox III-700 Watch guard firewall.

Silgate is supported with redundant colo facilities at 56, Marietta Street, ATLANTA. The dedicated IPLC circuit of 2Mbps is terminated on Nortel Passports 7480 and Ensemble Pro 5.2 Dialer.

Silgate site is deployed with Alcatel MSC7270 on dedicated WAN to carry the voice and data traffic on the IPLC circuits from the US to India. The Intel Dialogic call routing and AOD functionality on the concerto's NT Gateway & Touchstar Dialer is used to route calls to our CSRs. The soft switch uses the concerto's version to provide all AOD and ACD features including call vectoring, expert CSR selection, ANI / DNIS, Pilot monitoring, Blind monitoring, etc. The proprietary function of concerto's nailed voice and data path keep the CSR occupied for providing the excellent service through its CTI function.

Silgate employs an in-house technical support, integration and database management team to assist in deployment and maintenance of systems, and offer flexibility in API developments. We synchronies work with our clients' teams to assess specific requirements to determine the best solution, working within strict timeframes and budget.