Quality is perceived and defined by the customer There is only one valid purpose for our agents to create a loyal and satisfied customer base.

We at Silgate believe that Quality is to be better than the best; it is the enhancement of the inner self, which leads to the highest possible growth. The mission of the Quality Assurance (QA) team is to enhance and extend current quality practices, and to educate by sharing its learning and perceptions.

The role of the Quality Assurance (QA) team at Silgate is to provide assistance and give ongoing feedback to the CSR regarding their individual performance while processing calls. Feedback includes appreciation on strong areas of performance as well as guidance to improve areas of concern.

The Quality Assurance team plays a key role in the operations through the following functions:

  Silent Call monitoring & Digital recording of calls for further reference and training purposes
  Providing consistent and timely feedback and coaching of CSR's to enhance their capabilities
  Quality Verification of each 'sale' achieved prior to forwarding to the client
  Coordination with the Operations Team and providing quality feedback to the CSR's
  Coordination with the Training Team for further training and refresher modules for the CSR's
  Recording and maintaining quality reports and files of each CSR for reference and performance analysis

The Quality Assurance Agent (QAA) monitors the calls on the basis of the parameters laid down in conjunction with the client apart from the soft skills, selling skills and other mandatory requirements. The following are the basic procedures followed:

  Each CSR is monitored at least thrice a week
  Each CSR is provided feedback at least twice a week
  Each CSR is expected to achieve a quality grade above 90%.This is a laid benchmark for an CSR to be considered as good.