P E O P L E …… Our People. Trained and Dedicated ------

The principle difference that separates Silgate from its competitors is our people. They're knowledgeable about your needs. This results in a high level of personalized employee care and, ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction. We call this our "dedicated team" approach, and we believe it is a key factor in the success stories we continue to create for our clients.
Similarly, our direct management team continually performs data mining in order to refine your processes and search for cost-cutting opportunities. We find the best people and we equip them with the best tools available to do their job. That's the Silgate difference.
Our proximity to best available talent pool ensures we have adequate skilled talent at all times. Being a customer focused organization we do not believe multi level hierarchical structure.

We encourage individual growth and all our enabler positions are filled up from the implementers level thus we ensure a growth opportunity to all. Enablers motivate the already charged up implementers in achieving the individual, team and organizational goals by ensuring implementation of the retention policies chartered by the decision makers.

Our stringent recruitment policy ensures we acquire the best talent and thus ensure quality deliverables at all times. Innovation and creativity which are the traits of a performer are always rewarded by presenting on the floor incentives, monthly awards and annual awards.