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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Financial Research Services

Silgate Solutions conducts high quality research on the major issues concerning the global financial market. Our financial research includes understanding of market microstructure, fund management, equity and fixed-income markets, foreign exchange, derivatives, corporate finance, central banking policies, and international finance.

  • Industry Financial Research Services

    • Industry trends with analyst reports
    • Financial research models
  • Business Financial Research Services

    • Business intelligence and benchmarking studies
    • Creation of business databases
    • Business database research and analysis

  • Banking Research Services

    • Corporate and Retail Finance support
    • Corporate Credit Research

  • Economic and Financial Research Services

    • Established and emerging markets research and analytics
    • Foreign exchange market research
    • Creation and introspection of research based economy analytical models for prediction of trend variations across multiple spectra

  • Company Specific Financial Research Services

    • Creation of company profiles

  • Model development and maintenance Capital structure analysis and research

    • Covenant analysis and research
    • Research and Analysis of company financials

  • Financial Research Services

    • Securities
    • Exchanges
    • Investment Services
    • Fixed income macro strategy
    • Fixed income modeling
    • Index maintenance
    • Risk modeling
    • Derivative pricing
    • Convertibles

  • Insurance and Specialty or High End Finance and Accounting Research Services.

    Skilled financial analysts and researchers offering obvious financial and cost effective labor, along with scalability allow our company sustainability and effectiveness. Capital structure analysis and research covenant analysis and research and Analysis of company financials.