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Customer Interaction Services (CIS)

Customer Interaction Services (CIS)

Retaining customers is more difficult than acquiring them. It is possible to retain customers only through good customer relationship management (CRM). Hence, the importance of good customer relationship management (CRM) can not be denied in the success of a business organization. In today's business world, running a customer interaction center is complex. With equipment costs continuously increasing, recruiting problems and fast-changing technology issues, call center outsourcing allows many companies with the best opportunities for success.

Call center outsourcing can remove these burdens allowing a company time to focus on its core business activities. Customer interaction services outsourcing to offshore destinations helps organizations to better manage customer relationships, provide 24/7 customer service, decrease costs, utilize high quality services at cheaper rates, manage and maintain reports as well as increase market coverage.

Silgate, provides end-to-end customer interaction services to its clients. The company’s customer interaction services are focused on building a loyal customer base through :

  Inbound and Outbound Voice Calls
  Email & Chat Support : Silgate is well equipped to provide email & chat support to its clients. The co. is equipped with best best-in-class infrastructure, advanced technology and experienced team of professionals.
  Lead Generation
  Telemarketing (cross-sell / up-sell) cross-sell : where call for a product is converted a sale in another category, up sell: add-on service sale along with one product
  Billing and Collections
  Technical Support : B2B and B2C support, Level 1, 2, 3 support for client's product/service users and employees, hardware, software, application support.
  Surveys & Customer Helpdesk